VOS is the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) unit of the Group.   

Our VOS Services Portfolios

  1. Mobile Platform for Data Collection: An innovative and cost-effective real-time data collection tool powered by AKVO flow, reduces cost and eliminates time wastage between data collection and entry.
  • u-STEM PAGEANT: to increase the chances and provide choices for vulnerable African young girls and women to actively participate and contribute to their personal and societal growth by motivating their engagement in and applying science, technology, engineering and mathematics at their levels. This we do by setting up STEM specific initiatives in schools and among vulnerable groups in Uganda targeting marginalized in youth communities to enable them achieve their full potential.
  • YAPP-LAB: The Youth Apprentices Program Plus leverage the creative and innovation in our youth. It is a pre-incubator and incubator program offering an inspired way of learning new competences, developing, supporting and creating businesses and innovativesolutions.
  • MISCHANA’S RIDE; a GPS enabled application to connect parents with trained women operated only electric cycle rides to pick and drop kids from Schools in safe and protected rides.