Vantage Communications is the first communication firm in the region to acquire the leading edge communications training module ‘Inside-Out Learning’ (IOL) Program, a franchise from HumaNext, a leading Communication Training consulting firm based in the USA.

Learning involves a degree of dreaming, if we don’t dream of the possible, the possible never happens’ Christopher Reeves.

As the only company with this package that offers the most modern approach to adult learning. The Inside-Out Learning (IOL) is a training design and delivery methodology that infuses your learning event with special features that turn ordinary training sessions into transformational learning experiences.

The Guiding Philosophy of Learning 


  • Inside-Out Learning is a way of bringing a larger vision of learning to the corporate training field. It is a view of learning as a path for changing, growing, and achieving. It endows training with a higher purpose and links it to people’s work and life
  • Inside-Out Learning calls for connecting who we are with what we do, so we can approach our work with the thrill of fulfilling our life’s purpose.
  • The essence of learning becomes that which takes us beyond techniques and skills and gives us the gift of knowing ourselves and discovering our calling. Only then will we be able to fully apply our talents to achieve extraordinary accomplishments for our organizations and ourselves.
  • Charles Handy, in The Age of Paradox, wrote:
  • “True fulfillment is vicarious. We get our deepest satisfaction from the fulfillment and growth and happiness of others. It takes time, often a lifetime, to realize this. Parents know it well, as do teachers and great managers.”
  • We share Charles Handy’s belief and know that teaching adults and facilitating learning sessions for people in organizations delivers that same satisfaction; the contribution to the growth and happiness of others.
  • What we offer in the Inside-out Learning (IOL) program: Module on Creativity and Innovation
    1.  Creativity as a way of Learning based on Einstein great words’Imagination is more important than Knowledge.
    2. Starting the Learning Journey.
    3. Tools of Transformation.
    4. Designs for Discovery.
    5. Accessing the source of Action.

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