Vantage Outsourcing Solutions (VOS)

•A smart instant platform for collection of quality real-time data.

•The need for credible and quality data for decision making is unquestionable and even more critical today in the dynamic business environment than ever before. Vantage mobile research platform has the capacityto generate and stream real time/live research data with instant analysis capability for decision making on:

• Markets trends, performance, baseline andimpact assessments of projects, campaigns and programs

• Big data to inform policy formulation, project design and business performance,

• Evidenced based GPS /GIS information for Monitoring and Evaluation of programmes in Infrastructure, health, water and sanitation, oil and gas,

• Market trends, penetration and services uptakes inhealth, telecom and financial sectors

• Real time, fast trends & performance data collection forM&E

• Digital media monitoring services


• Communication skills training for none-professional and management

• Inside-Out learning

• Brand Internalization

• Vantage Lejaleja ‘Skills$U

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