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Who we are!

We are a consortium of business and organizations development experts and our commitment is to help you understand your market, and stakeholders and craft messages that speak with clarity and confidence about your offering.

Our practice is leveraged on three pillars

Strategic Creativity

We work with the end in mind by first curating the stakeholders desired experience when we are done with the set goals.
We then work back to create the building blocks that make this possible.


We invest in making you intelligent about your brand and its relationship in the marketplace. We invest heavily in gathering relevant market intelligence, Customer coding, testing, listening and designing. Market Intelligence is our key investment to help you understand the market.

Our Customer Mapping services is designed to generate intelligence on customers’ expectations.


Our commitment is to help brands understand how to lead proprietary conversation. We build capacity by retooling. coaching; mentoring, and build capacity of your team. We offer communication skills capacity building product to ensure retention of brand leadership.
Our tested coaching programs on leadership & communication help you ace conversations

One-Stop Shop provider for all your Marketing Communication Solutions

To provide customized communication solutions that suit the particular need of the customer and build a durable relationship for our clients with their stakeholders while providing a platform for staff to unleash their potential.

Vantage Values:

Values are guided by our principle that ‘Image Matters'

CSR Commitment

Led by a woman CEO, Vantage is particularly keen on promoting women and youths in professional leadership positions and endeavors to intentionally maintain over women 50% of leaders, employees, and partners
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