Vantage Outsourcing Solutions (VOS)

Vantage Outsourcing Solutions (VOS)

Our outsourcing services cover digitization supports to those clients who need affordable and professional digital services for data collection, digital marketing, and business development services

Reduce cost and eliminate time wastage between data collection and entry through our Mobile Platform for Data Collection. Innovative and cost-effective real-time data.

Vantage Lejaleja offers a virtual office for unemployed skilled talented young educated men and women to transform their professions into services without the limitation of a monotony of 8.00 -5 .00 treadmill. SMEs looking for affordable professional services pay-as-you-go in the following without the restraint of the high cost of full-time employment:
  • Formalization of your business; registration, Tax return, compliance, licensing,
  • Business record keeping, stock inventory management, reporting and performance evaluation
  • Sales and marketing, digital marketing, market research,
  • Preparing bids for procurement, suppliers management

strategies and solutions, e-government solutions, digital skills for non-tech and digital project definition through our partner Arxia Digital Technologies

Our commitment is to support you understand your market and stakeholders. Get in touch today to discuss your business needs.

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