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Since 1999

Vantage Communication Services
The team that delivers. For years our values have not waivered a bit, Vantage is committed to providing internationally recognized services.

What is the philosophy behind your company?


We do not claim to know it ALL, but we claim to know HOW, and where to find the answer for any of your marketing communications pain. We believe in the 3Cs; Containment, Co-Creation, and Coordination.

Everything we do is built around YOUR STORY!!!

We help you create opportunities to tell your STORY; Imagine, Draw Storyboards… Practice Storytelling

Selling is OF VIEW not Telling unless it’s a STORY

We assess and design a fit-for-purpose strategy. For impact; we create a compelling message through storytelling.

We are advocates for informed decisions. Vantage services are geared to ensure that stakeholders stay on message to improve awareness and understanding of our clients;
Raison d'être, and brand essence, for both internal and external audiences. We do this in a coordinated and consistent manner

We understand!

In today’s marketplace, more than before customers and stakeholders are increasingly contributing to the narratives to promote, project, and protect brands and reputations of enterprises and organizations.

Stakeholders in this post covid era (PCE) demand a seat at the table, proactive engagement with stakeholders is no longer a choice but an imperative for the successful implementation of brands, programs, projects, etc.

We know!

We have an extensive network of expertise, partners for English French, and Spanish, and solutions for any business and marketing communications challenge. Our pool of associated experts is from the best around the world, East and Central Africa, Europe, LATAM, USA, India, South Africa, and Western Africa.

Our solutions are pegged on one thing; understanding the expected end in mind, outlining objectives, setting goals, and measuring results accurately

Complete Solutions:

Corporate Communication & Outsourcing:

Tactical Communications Services (TCS)

We invest in making you intelligent about your brand and its relationship in the marketplace. We invest heavily in gathering relevant market intelligence, Customer coding, testing, listening, and designing.

We undertake compliance checkups so your campaigns work. This covers brand audits, and relevant litmus tests all geared toward understanding customer needs.

Strategic Creativity

We work with the end in mind to create the end experience, the impact, or the outcome when we are done with the set assignment. We then work backward to create the building blocks that make this possible;

Our commitment is to help brands understand how to lead the conversation on your brand.

Vantage Outsourcing Solutions (VOS)

Our outsourcing services cover digitization supports to those clients who need affordable and professional digital services for data collection, digital marketing, and business development services
1. Digitization service, strategies, and solutions, e-government solutions, digital skills for non-tech and digital project definition through our partner Arxia Digital Technologies
2. Reduce cost and eliminate time wastage between data collection and entry through our Mobile Platform for Data Collection. An innovative and cost-effective real-time data,.

Our commitment is to support you understand your market and stakeholders. Get in touch today to discuss your business needs.

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