Communication is our Business.

Corporate Communication

Communication is our Business

Like a butterfly, we support our clients to translate the abstract idea of a brand, product, service, policy, and program into memorable experiences for both internal and external customers. Our advisory support to internal Com Unit and Business Leaders helps in optimizing communication and relationship with customers, stakeholders, and partners. This is are the services we offer:

  • Strategies for Activation of Marketing Communication and Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Vantage One2One, which involves product education for complex services, issues, and products; and awareness campaigns, experiential, and an interactive program for social marketing
  • Crises and Issues management
  • Media/ Advertising; Production, media buying, and placement
  • Implementation of stakeholders’ relations engagement
  • And Design and implementation of Strategic CSR.

Tactical Communications Services (TCS)

We invest in making you intelligent about your brand and its relationship in the marketplace. We invest heavily in gathering relevant market intelligence, Customer coding, testing, listening, and designing communications activation flight plans that fit the persona of your customers.

We undertake compliance checkups so your campaigns work. This covers brand audits, and relevant litmus tests all geared toward understanding customer needs.

Our team works to align your idea with your vision & mission and how it resonates with stakeholders. And our co-creation spaces help define your project goals.

  • Brand Sprint: We use a Co-creation process for branding and rebranding, and brand communication strategy; We will design, test, and formulate a brand internalization plan.
  • Mystery shopping: to truly understand the pain points of your customers and the performance in the various brand touchpoints.

Strategic Creativity

We work with the end in mind to create the end experience, the impact, or the outcome when we are done with the set assignment. We then work backward to create the building blocks that make this possible;

Our commitment is to help brands understand how to lead the conversation on your brand.

  • We build capacity by retooling. we will coach you; we mentor leaders and build capacity for team in personal leadership and brand ambassadors
  • We are crusaders of informed strategies, monitor and evaluate impact of your communication, customers satisfaction, and brand performance
  • Market Intelligence is our key investment to help you understand the market
  • Customer Mapping design grants intelligence on what the market requires.

Our commitment is to support you understand your market and stakeholders. Get in touch today to discuss your business needs.

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