Audience Overview

Influencer marketing Influencers are key to creating engaging & socially aware content. By using unique software, we are able to provide you with influencers perfect for your brand. In the end, receive data & insights to track how successful it has been.

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What we do

We increase sales, generate targeted clicks, raise awareness, improve customer conversion rates, deliver millions of targeted video views and raise app downloads for global brands on a daily basis through our unique scientific and data-driven approach.

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How are we different?

Simple! We work directly with brands so as to help them build the best Influencer marketing campaigns with strategy, influencer negotiations and even additional video, photography and design content.

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Contact Information

Vantage Communication Group
P.O Box 26401, Kampala,Uganda,
East Africa
Plot 2867, Block 216, Bukoto, Nsimbiziwome
+2567 76544106 +2563 92850456 /

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